New Website

We have got a new website!!! Earlier this year we took the decision to try and rebrand a bit, and split out the training/retail/distribution parts of our business. As such we have some new websites:

For GUE diver training: and

For Santi equipment:

For SUEX equipment:

A few more congratulations

The last month has been a bit of a whirlwind with a bunch of classes going on. So here are a few congratulations. Congrats to Jan, Adrian, Adam and Jon for completing their GUE Fundamentals classes, and Congrats to James, Marcus and John for completing their GUE DPV1 class.

Congratulations to new GUE Cave1 divers

Congratulations to Rich and Liam for completing and passing their GUE Cave1 class last week in france with us. While we didn’t have the best possible weather we still managed to get 14 dives done and introduced the guys to the joys of cave diving.

GUE Cave Training

We are now able to offer GUE Cave 1 training through Amphibian Productions. John just got back from Florida where he completed the rigorous process of being evaluated as a GUE Cave 1 Instructor. We’ve got the first class on the books starting this weekend, and will be able to offer classes in France, Florida and Mexico over the next year. We can also arrange full packages for teams of 2 or 3 divers who wish to train together. Already GUE Cave 1 trained, but never dived in france? We are looking to put some experience packages together, where you just need to fly in, We’ll pick you up at the airport, arrange your tanks, weights, gas, accomodation, food and then guide you through the caves of the Lot region. Get in touch if you would like more information.

Upcoming Events

The Dive season is getting started, and we at Amphibian are looking forward to this year’s activities. We have just listed up a bunch of GUE Dive classes, ranging from GUE Fundamentals to Tech1+ upgrade classes. This weekend we were involved in a GUE-UK rescue skills weekend, which was a great deal of fun and everyone had a chance to practice and try out their rescue skills off a boat in not entirely ideal sea conditions. We have also set-up a demo weekend 20/21st April at Capernwray so that divers can see, feel and try the range of Santi and Suex diving equipment.